Olga Tsimbolenko was born in 1980 in Ufa. She studied at a pedagogical college to become a primary school teacher, then attended Sholokhov Institute. In 2004, she started her studies at Zagir Ismailov Ufa State Art Institute, where she studied under Mikhail Nazarov, who heavily influenced her artistic language. While Nazarov worked with the themes of rural life, folk art, and scenes from the New Testament, Tsimbolenko’s early career was focused on urban life and its routine: her paintings explore everyday life within city apartments, streets of her home city, and her fellow citizens.

In 2010, Tsimbolenko had her first personal exhibition.

In 2012, Olga Tsimbolenko along with Galiya Li curated the exhibition project Is. Its main goal was to blur the lines between painting, photography, and drawing.

In 2014, her personal exhibition Electricity opened.

In 2016, Miras Gallery showed Opera—a collaborative exhibition project by Olga Tsimbolenko and Galiya Li.

In 2020, her personal exhibition Wardrobe opened at the X-MAX Gallery in Ufa.

In the mid-2010s, Tsimbolenko started working with furniture, with her painting leaving the boundaries of the canvas and moving onto those everyday objects that before would be the subjects of her art.

She lives and works in Ufa.