Hanna Danilina was born in Ufa in 1999. Her father was a businessman, and her mother worked as an accountant. Danilina had an early interest in arts, attending a local art school since she was six. At the age of ten, she started studying at the Ufa art school No. 2; later, at Boris and Olga Samosyuks’ workshop, where she worked for eight to ten hours daily, exploring different techniques. When she was 15, she began her studies at Ufa Art College, where Georgy Kalitov was her mentor in painting.
In 2014, Danilina started to both take part in exhibitions and organize her own at Oblaka (“Clouds”) Contemporary Art Center (2014), Miras Gallery (2016, with The Red Album show), and other venues.
In 2019, she studied at the Free Workshops at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and worked as the artistic director at the Jewish theater Shalom.
Since 2022, Danilina has been studying at the Painting department of the ArCo Center of Art and Visual Communication.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, she became interested in 3D art and is now actively working with this medium.
Lives and works in Porto.