1961 - 2020
Lyalya Galeeva was born in Ufa in 1961. In 1983, she graduated from the Art department of the Zagir Ismailov Ufa State Art Institute, where she studied under Mikhail Nazarov.

After graduation, Lyalya Galeeva worked with painting and drawing for some ten years. As the artist herself later remembered that period, her early works were full of various allegories (such as an allegory of vanity, an allegory of lust, etc.) and took a critical view of the world. She defined this method as a certain spiritual search. The questions of spirituality, self-knowledge, and meaning all played an important role in her artistic practice. Different religions served as the source of the mystical, and their symbols can be found in her works.

The culture and philosophy of the East took the central place in Lyalya Galeeva’s art of the later period and defined the shift from painting to ceramics and sculpture. She had been reading a lot of Eastern literature since a young age (for instance, she had already been familiar with Confucius’ texts by 16), and later in life, starting from 2002, she frequented India, where she met with a Neo-Hinduist religious guru, swami called Sathya Sai Baba. It was then when Lyalya Galeeva started working with ceramics in earnest. Over ten years, she worked on her first ceramics collection The Archaic, whose central idea was the uniting of humankind. Other collections followed: The Metaphysical that centered around the search for the spirit, The Cult that was an homage and an expression of gratitude to her Eastern teachers.

Lyalya Galeeva died in Ufa in 2020.