Lyudmila Gosachinskaya was born in 1949 in Borzya (now part of Zabaykalsky Krai). In 1971, she graduated from Abramtsev College of Arts and Industry, and in 1976 from the Monumental and Decorative Art department of Moscow Higher School of Arts and Industry (now Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry).

Since 1963 lives in Ufa. After graduation and until 1977, she worked at the Proletariy porcelain factory in Novgorod region. In 1978-1987, she was an artist of the Bashkir applied arts factory, in 1992 became a sculptor at the Bashkir Ceramics Factory in Ufa. Since 1993, Gosachinskaya has taught at a children’s art school in Iglino and, since 2004, at the Devletkildeev Republican Boarding Art School.

Gosachinskaya mostly works with ceramics while also creating artworks for public spaces.

She lives and works in Ufa.