Olga Samosyuk was born in 1958 in Ufa. From 1978 to 1983, she studied at the Painting and Drawing department of Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical University (now Magnitogorsk State University).

She has been a member of the Artists Union of Russia since 1993. She is an educator currently teaching at Ufa Children’s Art School No. 2.

The media she is most known for working with are drawing, etching, and monotyping. She also creates ex libris in the same techniques.

One of the artist’s important projects is a drawing series Civilizations, in which she reconstructs, quotes, and researches the history of visual culture of various civilizations. The artist’s interest in this subject started a long time before that, in 1988, when she created a series of monotypes called Pagan Slavic Gods. With time, the area of Samosyuk’s artistic research has widened, and she turned to religious beliefs of Druids, mythologies of Ancient Cyprus, Greece, and Egypt.

Olga Samosyuk lives and works in Ufa.